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You’ve heard the buzz. A uniquely adventurous generation, approximately 78 million baby boomers are heading into their 60s. They are careful consumers, enthusiastic about fully exploring every option before deciding on the best selection. In their decision-making, these “boomers and beyond” want to be fully informed about how a decision may affect them or enhance their life.

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For many of you, Mexico is the answer. It’s just a few hours flight from the U.S. and Canada, yet so different and exciting. Mexico is a warm and inclusive culture, where quality of life is important. Expats find a wealth of cultural events, from fine art exhibits, film festivals and philharmonic orchestras to gastronomic festivals and sidewalk cafes with strolling troubadours and mariachis. The climate lends itself to active living, and an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables encourages a healthy diet. Also important in these economic times, south of the border, your dollar buys more!

Lake Chapala and Ajijic: Best climate in this hemisphere

Located in the Sierra Madre at the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Chapala lake shore boasts a temperate climate with sunshine almost 365 days a year. At an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level – the same as Denver – Chapala and Ajijic are perfect for outdoor living, with warm days and cool nights. Millions of Americans and Canadians nearing retirement age are looking south toward the shores of Lake Chapala.

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Go Mexico Way is based in this tropical paradise, only 25 minutes from an international airport. Ajijic hotels and restaurants welcome the visitor with Latin hospitality. The local expat community is an active one with clubs for all interests, theater, social events and church services in English. Ajijic rentals are plentiful, with rental properties in all price ranges. Two golf courses, two yacht clubs and tennis courts at hotels in Ajijic invite residents and visitors, while spas pamper you. The city of Guadalajara is less than an hour from the Chapala Lake. There, six universities and two medical schools assure top quality medical facilities as well as the vibrant cultural life of a European city. Shoppers thrill to the vast arrays of handicrafts and international merchandise.

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Go Mexico Way is all about discovery! Explore the charming town of Ajijic, Mexico, the historic municipality of Chapala, and the picturesque villages along the northern shore of Mexico’s largest natural lake. With friendly and specialized guides, the Go Mexico Way team simplifies your life by showing you the ropes. Small tour groups are personalized and cater to your individual interests while answering your questions about expat life in the Lake Chapala area. A Go Mexico Way tour is an experience like no other. Expect the best while you’re with us.

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A tour with Go Mexico Way is all about enjoyment. At the same time, we teach you what you need to know about Mexico immigration, health care, taxes, real estate and investment, with professionals who are specialists in their fields. We make learning fun! Our guests make lasting friendships on the all-inclusive tours.

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  • Retirement
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  • Mexico health care services and insurance
  • Investment
  • Healthy living
  • Lifestyles
  • Traveling
  • Restaurants

And much more!

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