Dear GoMexicoWay,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in introducing us to Ajijic. I now consider Ajijic my new home. I realize we spent only one week there but it was truly life changing. The kindness, thoughtfulness, and friendliness of everyone we met was unreal. I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was to walk down the street with my little white dog and chat happily with complete strangers who would invite us into their homes or drive us where we wanted to go when we were lost.

Go Mexico Way receives a rating of a full 10 from us. Our hotel, La Nueva Pasada, was lovely. It was the best bed I have ever slept in next to my own. The view was superb and the staff and family owners of the hotel were charming. Every restaurant you took us to was better than the next. My table looks woefully boring after the fantastic meals we ate in Ajijic.

Taner’s introduction of Ajijic to us was amazingly thorough without being overwhelming. We departed Ajijic having a very clear idea that we want to live in Ajijic and where we want to live. You gave us great seminars on immigration and healthcare that make it clear to us that we will be comfortable with moving to Mexico and that the Mexican government makes immigration fairly easy.

My husband Gene and I are retired from Trans World Airlines. We have traveled quite a bit but this was by far the best organized, best quality tour we have ever taken.

Sincerely, Mary and Gene Frank

Please do not hesitate to give my email to anyone planning to travel to Mexico with their dog.
— Mary & Gene

We would absolutely recommend family and friends to visit Lake Chapala after the experience we had here with Go Mexico Way. It was a wonderful, and fulfilling experience. The area is better than anything I could have imagined. All the Natives of Ajijic were charming, friendly, and helpful. The area is very clean; the people respect the property and the land they live on. We are happy to say that we are proud owners of a fractional unit we bought at El Dorado condominiums. We found this wonderful place to live during our one-week discovery tour of Lake Chapala.
— Ralph & Elaine