If the Lake Chapala area is right for you, we want to help you realize your dreams of a new life in a warm, welcoming and vibrant culture.

We help our guests experience Mexico while providing expert information to help them make the choices that are right for them.

Founded in June 2009, Go Mexico Way is guided by our commitment to honesty, transparency and giving back to our community. We aren't affiliated with any one single company or service provider, but know and cooperate with everyone.

Rather than a classroom setting, we get out to see, feel and live the expat life in this beautiful part of Mexico. You are escorted at all times by knowledgeable people who are truly passionate about living in this community. With all our combined life experiences here, the Go Mexico Way team is committed to showing you why we love our life in this magical place and sharing it with you.

We work hard to give back to our community. When newcomers settle here, they discover a rich and satisfying way of life. But they also contribute to the betterment of our area. They become involved, volunteer and help one another.

So does Go Mexico Way. Our mission is to give something back to our town and everyone in our community, both Mexicans and expats. With our tours, we create employment opportunities and generate prosperity for hoteliers, restaurateurs, guides and service providers so they can give their families a better life. In addition, a full 50 percent of our earnings from the tours are destined for alternative education for local children. We want everyone to benefit, especially the kids who will inherit this world of ours.

And it is this vision that makes us different from the many tour operators in the area.

Growth is inevitable, but we want to see growth with a conscience. Our vision is to contribute by helping raise consciousness of our co-relationship with Mother Earth. We want to promote sustainable development in harmony with nature. We are working toward sponsoring earth-friendly residential clusters. Ecological homes. Organic methods in community gardens.

We are striving to help make our community the best place possible through our commitment to its people.