Meet The Go Mexico Way Team

Dynamic and innovative, the Go Mexico Way team is made up of professionals dedicated to the highest standards of quality and ethics. We love Mexico. As longtime residents in the Lake Chapala area, we know the challenges of relocating to the area. Our many different skills, combined experiences and understanding of the local culture combine to create a team where every member is committed to helping you explore your vision of living in Mexico.



Adriana, Administrator

Adriana is originally from Guadalajara Jalisco, but was raised in Berkeley, California. Her parents are from Ajijic and San Antonio Tlayacapan so, when she visited Ajijic, of course she fell in love with the people, traditions, and family values, and decided it would be a great place to raise her son. She studied at UC Davis. Fully bilingual and always willing to help, Adriana is the office’s Administrator. 


Elizabeth Salazar, Photographer/Videographer

Known to her friends as Eli, Elizabeth Salazar grew up surrounded by professional photographers. 

In the 1950s, Juan Salazar Ponce came to Tijuana and set up a photography studio. He quickly found acceptance and his son, Eduardo, followed in his footsteps. Today, Elizabeth is the third generation to carry on the family tradition, with ten years of experience.

Born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, she studied Visual Arts for Photographic Expression at the University of Guadalajara. Her portfolio includes gastronomy, architecture, product catalogs and fashion.

She has a career as an image director for great projects and joined the Go Mexico Way team in 2018.


Daniel Wheeler, Video Production & Editing

Known for his music and for videos on nature, Daniel Wheeler was born in Guadalajara to a Mexican physician and an anthropologist from Florida. Thus, he’s been bilingual and bi-cultural all his life.

Although a chef by profession, since 2012 he has had an upcoming career in film making and audio-visual production as well as still photography. Many of his videos carry an ecological theme, focusing on the fauna and environment in Mexico’s Natural Protected Areas.

An avid history buff, Daniel is also a published writer with a series of articles on Mexican cuisine and recipes, and he explores his love for music as a deejay on weekends.

Today, he is part of the creative team for Go Mexico Way.


Carol Wheeler, Writer & Editor

A native of Florida, Carol Wheeler came to Guadalajara for immersion Spanish with an eye on an archaeology job in Costa Rica.

She was invited to teach at a local university, then lucked into a job as a writer and editor for six location-specific magazines a month. It was a perfect match.

She joined the Go Mexico Way team in 2010.

“I like to think we’re building bridges of understanding between our cultures,” she says.


Ria Hardcastle, Web Designer

Ria Hardcastle was born in Dallas Texas in 1997 and at 6 years old, she and her family moved to San Miguel de Allende Mexico. “My friends call me ‘Texmex’ because I grew up with both Mexican and American culture.” Throughout her childhood, Ria had a passion for all things arts. For high school, she attended the New Hampton School and graduated in ‘16.

Since graduating, she Ria decided to ‘opt-out of college’ and pursue her dream of becoming a full time traveler and freelancer. She has worked as a ‘Marine Life Videographer’ at Vallarta Adventures, as a curator and sales person for a Abdallahy Ary Gallery, and as creative director at Dissia Creative agency in Guadalajara.

Now, she works as a full time independent designer while traveling around Mexico and abroad. She is passionate about working with companies at the forefront of positive-global-impact-industries and is proud to be a part of the Go Mexico Way team.