Tonala The Magic of Glass Blowing

Whenever I think of Tonala, there comes the idea of a Margarita, maybe you are wondering why a Margarita? Well the reason for this is that a Margarita glass (the real Mexican Margarita) is always in a blown glass. In my elementary school years, my school used to take us to short trips around Guadalajara, I remember perfectly when they first brought us to a blown glass factory.  I was about 8 years old. That was the factory of Don Hipólito Gutierrez.

He owns one of the oldest factories in Tonalá, and there you can find more than 100 artisans. Some of them were doing huge vases, other jars or glasses many different shapes and sizes. All my mates were putting a lot of attention, in how the molten glass and some powders created vibrant colors. That was magical very cool. With eyes wide open and mouths as well (very impressed by everything that we had just seen). It was really impressive as they repeated over and over again the same shape without any kind of mold; these people really are artists.

We continued our tour in El Tianguis (street market) since prehispanic age this market sets on Thursdays and Sundays, there more than 4,000 artisans put all the products on sale.

Now, what I was saying at the beginning of the blog about my idea of the Margarita, is not entirely wrong because the glassmakers came from Veracruz and settled in Tonala, because the manufacturers of Tequila were demanding to fabricate bottles for them so they can sell it.

I will show you many varieties of products made in Tonala.

And I hope that in your next visit, come to Tonala and have an unforgettable experience. Will you also think of a Margarita?... salud.

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