Go Mexico Way Video Testimonials

Our team objective with the Go Mexico Way Video Testimonials is as you see it. Real people filmed in a normal setting telling you about their Lake Chapala discovery experience. No make up no overhead microphone and no script! We did do some editing do to the length of the interviews.

Video Testimonials

Hand Written Testimonials

Yep, we even want to show you hand written proof we receive in the mail. Our clients get such a good experience from our tour, they still feel the need to write us and send it via snail mail

This is a really fun process for the Go Mexico Way team and clients because we get to let loose and tell all as it is. We hope these videos give you a good idea of what to expect on one of our Lake Chapala Discovery Tours.

More Written Testimonials


Many of us leave our home countries not knowing fully what we should expect. We have misconceptions of what Mexico will be like. Our childhood tells us one thing, but what we soon discover is that Mexico is really a wonderful world of joy and simplicity. Denise and I learned that the Mexicans are not the backward people we thought they were, but a very warm, friendly and forward thinking group of people that still continue today with their traditional values. We were not ready for the discoveries that we made in our time both with Go Mexico Way and the time spent walking the streets of Ajijic. (By the way, the Lake Chapala area is a very safe community and our fears portrayed by the US media were soon diminished.)

Go Mexico Way is more than we could have anticipated. Taner, Alelhi, and Peter, as well as the entire staff of Go Mexico Way, were very welcoming and hospitable to us. We learned things with the tour they offer, that would have always been a mystery had we chosen to go on our own. The tour itinerary was very full and informative. The accommodations at La Nueva Posada and the meals at several local restaurants were superb. Taner has a great personality and a gift of giving back much more than he gets. Alelhi is an excellent tour guide and is very knowledgeable of the area.

Our recommendations for anyone considering a trip to the Lake Chapala area, either for a vacation or a potential move, is to contact Go Mexico Way. Take the tour but definitely extend your stay and explore the area to fully enjoy all that you have learned. We are certainly looking forward to our next adventure in the Lake Chapala area and the opportunity to renew our friendships.

Ralph / Elaine  

We would absolutely recommend family and friends to visit Lake Chapala after the experience we had here with Go Mexico Way. It was a wonderful, and fulfilling experience. The area is better than anything I could have imagined. All the Natives of Ajijic were charming, friendly, and helpful. The area is very clean; the people respect the property and the land they live on. We are happy to say that we are proud owners of a fractional unit we bought at El Dorado condominiums. We found this wonderful place to live during our one-week discovery tour of Lake Chapala.

Peggy and Frank 

Ajijic is just marvelous, and the other locations that we saw were also amazing. Every aspect of life here has exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend family and friends to visit the area. The people living here bent over backwards to help us out if we were in need. The El Dorado development is very professional, and the people there were very accommodating. It is a worthy development.

Satish and Uma
We’ve really enjoyed ourselves, and we’ve had a great experience. Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone to come on a Go Mexico Way tour and visit Ajijic. The locations that we have visited so far have been absolutely superb. Our favorite part was the open market. El Dorado has a beautiful location, and the view is lovely. I don’t think you could find a better view anywhere else.
Sudha and Vasant
We didn’t know what to expect. We came with an open mind and we had a great experience. El Dorado is an excellent resort style living development. Getting familiar with the town, the community, the lifestyle, has been satisfying for us.
Hank and Barbara
Yesterday, I went paragliding off a cliff and over the lake for an hour and a half. I was like a bird, it was awesome. We landed right next to the hotel on the lake, I took three steps and I was handed a beer. 

I would recommend anyone to come down on the Go Mexico Way tour. My daughter, and grandchildren would just love it. The presentation of El Dorado was amazing. It’s a real first class development; we’ve been treated like kings and queens. We will definitely refer family and friends. Everyone in the area is so friendly. We didn’t need to rent a car. We could walk everywhere. The people would help you find a place if you were having trouble.

Sita / Narendra  

What impressed me about the town is that it is very neat and clean. The pebble stone streets and the untypical houses give the town a nice charm. Everyone working for Go Mexico Way have been really sweet to us. The workbook gave us a good flavor of what Lake Chapala and Ajijic are about. We would recommend family and friends to visit Ajijic; we have had a very good experience. The El Dorado development and the workmanship there appeared to be very good. Since we have arrived, we have been very pleasant, relaxed, and the people have been really friendly.

Linda / Keith  

The natives here are very warm, friendly, and very welcoming. We felt very comfortable everywhere we went. The weather is unbeatable. Ajijic is a very easy place to get to. You look left, and you see the lake with mountains in the background. You look to the right, and you see the mountains rising up behind you. The perspective you have of everything are really attractive. The El Dorado development is first class. We were treated professionally there. There was no pressure to buy. They have a great deal of pride in the property, and we think that it is absolutely gorgeous.


Mary and Gene Frank 

Dear GoMexicoWay,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in introducing us to Ajijic. I now consider Ajijic my new home. I realize we spent only one week there but it was truly life changing. The kindness, thoughtfulness, and friendliness of everyone we met was unreal. I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was to walk down the street with my little white dog and chat happily with complete strangers who would invite us into their homes or drive us where we wanted to go when we were lost.

Go Mexico Way receives a rating of a full 10 from us. Our hotel, La Nueva Pasada, was lovely. It was the best bed I have ever slept in next to my own. The view was superb and the staff and family owners of the hotel were charming. Every restaurant you took us to was better than the next. My table looks woefully boring after the fantastic meals we ate in Ajijic.

Taner’s introduction of Ajijic to us was amazingly thorough without being overwhelming. We departed Ajijic having a very clear idea that we want to live in Ajijic and where we want to live. You gave us great seminars on immigration and healthcare that make it clear to us that we will be comfortable with moving to Mexco and that the Mexican government makes immigration fairly easy.

My husband Gene and I are retired from Trans World Airlines. We have traveled quite a bit but this was by far the best organized, best quality tour we have ever taken.

Sincerely, Mary and Gene Frank

Please do not hesitate to give my email to anyone planning to travel to Mexico with their dog.


Visual Idea of Lake Chapala

We the Go Mexico Way team have prepared this video so that you our client could have a visual idea of what Lake Chapala and the surrounding areas have to offer. Since published we have found that area residents have also enjoyed it very much. Quote by a Lakeside resident; “When I saw the video I asked where is this beautiful place then I realized it is where I live”

All footage in this video is original footage taken by Go Mexico Way, we flew, boated and trekked over land so that you could experience the beauty that is Lake Chapala. We hope you enjoy it so much that you will come and Discover Lake Chapala.